Go birdwatching at Lake Connewarre

Grab the family, pack a picnic lunch, and ensure you take some binoculars for a day out at Lake Connewarre Game Reserve!

Only a 12-minute drive from The Reserve, a trip to Lake Connewarre is the perfect way to spend a weekend in May.

Home to over 150 species of birds, Lake Connewarre is known as one of Victoria’s most significant wetland areas and biggest estuaries in the state. At Lake Connewarre, you’ll be able to observe birds such as Straw-necked Ibis’, Caspian Terns and Yellow-billed Spoonbills in their natural habitat.

With an abundance of wildlife to spot, your family will have a ball exploring the native surrounds at Lake Connewarre. Several walking tracks can be found around the lake, with picnic tables available to enjoy lunch amongst the beautiful natural sounds.

For more information on Lake Connewarre, click here:,road%20down%20to%20the%20end

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