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Choosing a home, especially your first, is a big decision that can leave you feeling a little confused and excited at the same time! While a lot of people are usually set on either apartments or detached houses, there’s a third option that combines the best of both worlds – the townhome.

A smaller footprint without the compromise

Being spread out over two (or sometimes even three) levels means townhomes can offer impressive internal sizes when comparable to traditional detached houses, without the need for a large block of land. This means a townhome on the larger end of the scale can easily accommodate a family of four, while smaller designs can be perfect for a growing family.

You own the land

Just like a traditional detached house, owning a townhome means you own the land it’s built on. Land is the main contributor to capital gains meaning a townhome can prove to be a better long-term investment than many apartments.

It’s more affordable

Amidst all the affordability headlines in the media at the moment, it’s important to remember that detached houses aren’t your only way onto the property ladder. Townhomes offer a more affordable alternative to traditional dwellings – without the need to compromise. They tend to be significantly cheaper than similarly sized detached houses in similar (if not better) locations.

Innovative designs

While detached houses have kept to similar layouts over the past few decades, townhomes have opted for innovative designs that maximise the available space and utilised it more efficiently.

What’s important to you?

When it comes to buying a home, it’s important to put your own needs first. Have a checklist of what features are important to you and your future lifestyle; this will help make sure you’re making the right decision!

Are you interested in purchasing a townhome at The Reserve? Call Nathan on 0428 834 374 to find out if our available townhomes are what you’ve been searching for.

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